Research Project »Modular Integration of thin Heterogeneous Sensor Systems«

The objective of this project is the development of technologies for the realization of heterogeneous systems for applications that require very small assembly heights (< 500 μm). The requirement for such a small thickness arises from applications such as portable in-cloth-integrated electronics (so called wearables) as well as fibre-plastic composites with integrated electronics.

One major challenge for the realization of heterogeneous sensor systems with small assembly heights is given by the integration of devices with different manufacturing technologies such as: MEMS, MOEMS, integrated passive devices, electronics, and batteries. This project comprises research work on different concepts for the modular assembly of very thin, complex sensor systems as well as the technological implementation of these concepts.

Based on the project results, different applications such as smart cards, foldable electronics, fiber compound lightweight construction and wearables are addressed by customer-specific projects.



  • Thin, encapsulated systems
  • Modular technology for
    • Wafer level packaging for rigid systems
    • Flexible assembly

R&D objectives:

  • Technologies for system integration
  • Miniaturization of the assembly
  • Reliability study

Added value:

  • Creation of a technology platform for thin and heterogeneous wafer level packages
  • Scalability of assembly technology depending on system complexity
  • Broad field of applications

Targeted applications:

  • Wearables, smart cards
  • Fiber compound lightweight construction
  • High performance, e.g. augmented- / virtual- /mixed-reality