Research Project »Platform for Micromechanical Ultrasonic Transducers«

MEMS-based micromechanical ultrasonic transducers (MUT) offer significant advantages over conventional transducers based on established piezo-ceramics or composite materials. MUT-devices can be realized with a small footprint at low cost. They allow the convenient fabrication of multi-channel arrays as well as flexibility in the choice of the operating frequency for an optimal trade-off between detection range and sensitivity.

With the setup of a technology platform for MUT ultrasonic transducers the High Performance Center »Functional Integration in Micro- and Nanoelectronics« helps to further advance the development and the market introduction of MEMS-based ultrasonic transducers. Its offering extends from the realization of compact sensor systems based on this technology to the development of related fabrication technologies up to marketing support for different target applications.

Potential application areas are factory automation, automotive sensors, and medical diagnostics. Image generating MUT sensor systems are applicable to endoscopic high-resolution imaging or tamper-proof fingerprint sensors. Industrial robots and autonomous vehicles can be enabled to gather information of their surroundings including gestures of people, and hence to interact appropriately with its environment. The small form factor of MUT transducers further allows their integration into smartphones and wearables.



  • Establish a technology platform for miniaturized and integrated MEMS ultrasonic transducers to open up new fields of application

R&D objectives:

  • Provision of technologies for the realization of MEMS ultrasonic transducer arrays with high channel count
  • Design tools for application specific modifications and developments

Added value:

  • Providing access to next generation miniaturized MEMS-based integrated ultrasonic systems
  • Coverage of the complete value chain from design to pilot production

Targeted applications:

  • Medical imaging for diagnostics and therapy
  • High-resolution fingerprint sensors
  • Gesture control

Further Information